Build Engineer Bootcamp

ANNOUNCEMENT: Our first public course offering will be April 22 & 23 in Minneapolis.

Not very long ago a build engineer was the guy who typed "make" and then copied the compiled project up to the network. But as Agile methodologies quicken the pace of development, build and deployment must become automated or they become a serious bottleneck on team productivity. And with an increased emphasis on testing and metrics collection the build process has become about a lot more than just building. Build engineers are in the automation hotseat and need the skills to handle a wide range of demands while creating a reliable infrastructure the entire team can depend upon. Are you ready for that challenge?

What is it?

A three day intensive training course designed to get build engineers off to a good start. The course covers all the fundamentals required to maintain and enhance a solid continuous integration infrastructure. These include, but are not limited to, build tools like Ant and Maven, automated testing platforms like jUnit and Fitnesse, and continuous integration tools like CruiseControl and Hudson. All this is wrapped in a solid basis in the fundamental principles of CI – repeatable, independent, and portable.

What do you get out of it?

At the end of the three days, engineers will be able to work with their teams to improve the existing build process. They will be able to enhance their CI environment to provide more relevant information. And, they will be able to apply CI principles while helping Build Engineering Masters design new CI systems.


The course can be varied based on your company's specific needs. The typical syllabus and schedule follow.

Day 1

Focus: Build Tools

Day 2

Focus: Continuous Integration Systems

Day 3

Focus: Advanced CI Practices

Daily Schedule

Each day consists of both classroom style lecture and hands-on workshops. Each workshop begins with a ten minute introduction to the activity.